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about Rick Mayfield

About Rick Mayfield

Media information

Multilingual: German, English, French and a little bit Norwegian

Journalist awards:
entertainer 2000, comedy 2002, MC (speaker) 2006, singer 2007  

After more than 2500 concerts and events from Frankfurt to Peking (Beijing-China),
RICK MAYFIELD belongs meanwhile to the most popular and well-known entertainers in Germany,
who presents himself with his captivating show-program for young and old:

- entertainer with shows: Elvis, Blues Brothers, Sinatra, Santa Claus, German pop music, Heino, gospel and many more
- dance and party music:  solo, duo or with band
- MC/ master of ceremonies: languages - German, English, French, (Norwegian)
- comedy: welcome-animator and crazy waiter with table-magic (table hopping)
- walking act: security, Santa Claus, policeman, American policeman, crazy waiter, cook and many more
- deejay/discjockey: with 8.000 Hits from yesterday until today
- carnival artist: singing waiter “Pierre” and singing sailor "Peter"

There is no stage, be it an Open Air or a big ballroom, where the born Frankfurter isn’t feeling well and he is one of the few professional entertainers, who provides atmosphere regardless of big or small event.
The Rick Mayfield-shows live from his charm, his contact with the public and his talent as an all-rounder, irrespectively of 20 or 20.000 guests wanting to be entertained.

He has played as warm-up artist for international acts like Roger Chapman or the Puhdys and on many commemorative events years ago. 1994 RICK MAYFIELD made a contract with a successful production team as a solo-artist and produced his debut-album.

On the occasion of the 1200-jubilee of the City Frankfurt/Main, RICK MAYFIELD also participated in the international top-class casted song “FFM 1200” (SONY-MUSIC).

He also remains loyal to the Irish-Pubs, the starting point of the singer and musician in the world of entertainment years ago, although very little time remains for a few appearances there.

Rick Mayfield enlarges his program since 1997 with remarkable acts of great stars of the showbizz: Elvis – Blues Brothers – Sinatra – oldies – country – Santa Claus – Heino – gospel – German music and many more. This means a great variety for the audience.

In early 1999 Rick Mayfield has enlarged his sprectrum again: with his two comedy colleagues Arnd Baumbach and Reinhard Ottow he gave birth to the ultimate
comedy-music-and-show-program “Extra 3" and 2006 “The Fantastic 2”. These programs developed within a year to definitive run away successes in the areas of commemorative and company events. Finest comedy and music – no slapstick – but upper class entertainment.

2000 was a particularly successful year. Amongst others he produced his new Show-CD “Legends Live”, a live-album with the best live songs of his show acts like Blues Brothers – Elvis – Oldies – Country – and Sinatra shows, which are still impressive bestsellers today.
A CD, which goes under one’s skin.

After an overall successful year 2000 Rick Mayfield was designed the prize winner as the Entertainer of the year 2000 for special media by selected experts.

From 2000 until 2002 Rick Mayfield brought his “comical” sides to perfection with his own comedy animation program for fairs, commemorative and private events.
This program, which can also be booked in combination with his music programs pleased so well that Rick Mayfield was granted with the award special media prize 2002 -
area comedy on 10.03.2003.

Rick Mayfield achieved a crazy and successful start into the German carnival/Faschings strongholds with the characters “singing waiter Pierre” and “singing sailor Peter”. This program is a mix of a lot of live music, animation, fun and is a inherent part of the parties of a lot of carnival associations between Frankfurt and Mainz, and from Cologne to Berlin.

On his way to become an all-rounder, completely in the style of an “American entertainer”, he was honoured for his very special own style with the award special media “Moderation” for his many successful fair, gala and event presentations. Exactly one year later, on 3.3.2008, it was followed by the winning of the prize as a singer in 2007 through the Jury for the special media prize. After a very successful year on many stages in Germany and Europe – “Rick’s voice gives creeps when interpreting songs like New York, New York and many others – a special master of his art.”

And our track record goes on: the current CD is expected to be released 2009. The producer is no one else than the successful Pop-music-producer “B-Zet” (i.e. Laith Al-Deen – “Bilder von Dir”) / Schallbau GmbH of Frankfurt. “B-Zet” discovered Rick Mayfield 2008 on one of his successful concerts and offered him spontaneously a joint venture. This CD with new pop music will also be finalised in 2009 parallel to the music-stand-up-comedy show for stage and TV

Source: Stadtpost Langen (epa) Article dtd. 05.02.2009

Multitalent Rick Mayfield at home on the stages of the World
As an entertainer and singer between Frankfurt and Peking

Langen (epa) – sometimes is he the singing waiter Pierre, sometimes a sailor with his croaky voice and sometimes a medieval master of ceremonies. Rick Mayfield is an all-rounder, who slips from the role of a singing bandit into the role of a nagging funny concierge. Is so much comic and vocal talent inherited?
“My father as a tradesman and my mother as a teacher, are artistically talented, but in different areas. I knew with 16, that I didn’t want to do anything else, explains the 45er, whose career started in youth bands and who thinks that a basic musical education is the pre-condition for success on stage.

He gained this basis in a 2 _-yrs study in classical singing and training as radio and tv-presenter.
His versatility becomes evident, when one knows that Rick Mayfield is also successful as a song writer and a composer. About the creative process he declares: “I often have a main motive, which develops over a longer period of time. For the texts I have some pictures with which I try to express feelings.

His Repertoire is well marked by an astonishing versatility. In the course of the years he has developed 13 programs, which he can offer on Galas, fairs, weddings, birthdays, for carnival and of course for Christmas parties.

„As well as I am a guest on regional events, I can also entertain the visitors of a New Year’s Eve party in Singapore or Shanghai with one of my shows, he says. Besides German, he is also able to act in English, French, or Norwegian language. The versatile artist is also on the go as a successful DJ since 8 years.
Up to now he has realised a concept yearly, for the future it must become two, without losing professionalism. This is essential for his own high standard and that’s why he is happy to work on a new CD with a successful music producer in 2009 “B-Zet” (i.e. Laith A-Deen – “Bilder von Dir”). Additionally, he is finalising a Music-Stand-Up-Comedy show for the stage and TV. Every Premiere is preceded by a show check, where he can test the effect of his program.

The artist who is only domiciled in Langen for a short time has received awards from the specialised media as his recognition as an entertainer, presenter, singer but also in the category “Comedy” on the basis of his successful performances.

During the upcoming carnival season, Rick Mayfield will enthuse the audience again as the singing waiter “Pierre” or with his music show. He performs more than 60 gigs a year and works parallel on his new Pop music-production and Comedy-Show (End of the Article)


About Rick Mayfield
Multilingual: German, English, French and a little bit Norwegian

You know Rick Mayfield as a successful entertainer. The experience of more than 2000 events from Frankfurt to Peking (Beijing/China) and satisfied customers confirm it.

Thanks to his many personal contacts with successful artists and bands of the same genre, he has been asked very often to organize various events from the artistic point of view.
Therefore the Rick Mayfield Artist Agency offers you today the qualified and complete service of a modern artist agency.
The team of the Rick Mayfield Agency offers you a complete service programme of events, beginning from the concept planning with a customized selection of artists and bands, up to the technical realisation on site.

The service includes a budgetary planning in accordance with the requirements of your event and the hiring of the appropriate cooperation partners from the
decoration to the catering, if required.


The Rick Mayfield Artist Agency is a modern, young and dynamic team that gives you advice all around your events and support you when planning and conceiving your events with its large knowhow and ist right intuition.
Hiring of artists from the "little" artist to the worldstars
Our service for events of any kind
* Research of themes
* Advice, Concept
* Organisation
* Execution
* Events
* Conferences and seminars
* Fairs and promotion actions
* Parties
* Open airs
* Club-events
* Galas
* Weddings
* Jubilies
* Birthdays
* Inaugurations
* and many more

       Balloon modelling        
       Belly dancing        
       Crazy Waiters
       Dancing groups
       Dumb show
       Entertainment for kids
       Fakir/Fire show
       Robot shows
       Show package
       Theater for kids
       Walking acts
       Miscellaneous: For example barrelorgan / 1 wheel-bycicle / Foto performance / Open air and promotional event /
historic shows / Carneval artists / make-up of kids / Body painting / Miss shows / Party dishes /Silhouette cutting /
snake women / black-winged stilt / Stuntmen / Animalshows /Fortune teller / pavilion renting /
other lines upon request

* Musicians
* Bar-music         
* Black-music        
* Blues            
* Boogie            
* Chanson            
* Classic            
* Crossover        
* Country            
* Cultural readings        
* Dancefloor        
* Dancing music        
* Discomusic        
* Dixieland            
* Deejay     
* Folk songs Germany        
* Folk songs international
* Folk songs Irish
* Fusion
* Funk
* Gospel
* Hardcore
* Heavymetal
* Heavyrock     Rock
* Hits Germany
* House
* Independent
* Imitations
* Jazz
* Karaoke
* Kabarett
* Cabarett
* Kids program
* Musical
* Oldies
* One-man show
* One man band
* Punk
* Pop
* Rock
* Reggae
* Revivalbands
* Rhythm & Blues
* Rock´n´Roll 50ies
* Soul
* Stars international
* Stars national
* Top-40
* A-capella-singing / Cafehouse-Music / yodeling / carneval songs/ Russian songs
  Musical melodies / sailor songs / Hits Germany / Spanish music / Vienna
  Cafehouse / zither music / other lines upon request

A lot of fun with my Homepage wishes you your
singer, musician, comedian, presenter and deejay
Rick Mayfield

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