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The program of Rick Mayfield is made of a variety of entertainment packages:

Journalist awards: entertainer, comedy, MC (speaker), singer

Multilingual: German, English, French and a little bit Norwegian

Program 1: comedy- und animation (walking act), welcome / entrance animator & crazy waiter

Program 2: shows and showparts as a captivating and enthusing show act on galas, fairs and other events.

Program 2: the stage shows
A.) best of music shows: (only in german language): 
The highlight for your event – 20 – 45 min. great vibes, a musical firework of the most successful show acts of Rick Mayfield
B.) best of stand up comedy (only in german language):    
The very classical fitness program for your laugh muscles with comedy, show elements and music pieces.

Program 3: live music + deejay (discjockey) (solo)   
Program 4: live music (duo-galaband) + deejay (discjockey) (solo)          
- show acts (solo): Elvis, Blues Brothers, Sinatra, oldies, Pop-German, gospel, 70ies and 80ies
  (each show act 5-15 min. real showtime)
- dance standards (solo-band)
   from Foxtrot to Latins
- party music & oldies (solo-band)
   soul, funk, disco, country, oldies, party music from the 60ies to the 90ies
- dinner music (solo-band)
   smooth background music for your Dinner         
- discjockey (deejay) (solo)
  on request with approx. 8000 CD-Hits from yesterday till today

Program 5: combination – live music, deejay & comedy (solo)         
Program 6: combination – live music, deejay & comedy (duo-Band)   
The ultimate successful mix of:
• performance 1 comedy (animation)
• performance 2 shows and show acts
• performance 3 oder 4 Live music + deejay
• humorous comedy acts and music shows
• brilliant combination of animation and music
• close to the audience – vibes - atmosphere

Program 7: Christmas program
heavenly music and/or angel comedy

Program 8.1: MC/speaker ⁄presenter & and fair entertainment
From the New Year’s Eve-Gala in Peking to the Funkausstellung in Berlin
Rick Mayfield, warrantor for professional gala- and fair-entertainment presents you, your artists or your products on a modern and charming way.

program 8.2 CDs: CD´s of Rick Mayfield with his phenomenal, sensitive voice – and classic hits.
Optional: the exclusive present-Idea
Rick May?eld “CD”
Rick Mayfield produces for you a new cover, i.e. your name, motto and event and/or company logo (for a certain amount of CDs)
or offer yourself your own Rick Mayfield “CD”.

Program 9: carnival/fasching
The carnival-program: presentation and/or music
The singing waiter „Pierre“, a humorous presentation in „German/French“ with special songs from „Hey Baby“ to „Wahnsinn“.
It means entertainment in its essence – Your guests in the hall will be enthused.

Program 11: deejay Rick / discjockey
Upon request: with live music, shows and optional: comedy
A versatile Repertoire from hits to Evergreens, from love songs to blasts. DJ Rick loves to satisfy the music wishes of your guests. The successful “DJ-wish concert” – versatile and flexible – on request also with a friendly animation.
Program 12: walking acts.
optional: MC/Speaker multilingual, show acts and shows, comedy-animation, table magic (table hopping), balloon modelling, live music:
dance standards, dinner music, party music und DJ.        
Rick Mayfield fills all his walk-act characters with an own life – a feast for the eyes and the ears, be it for a client binding or a client acquisition action on
fairs and presentations, or as a great highlight on galas and parties of any kind.

Program 13:  Middle Ages and Year 1700
Rick Mayfield as Master of Ceremonies, varlet or bandit Schinderhannes. Entertainment all around the medieval table with music, games, popular ballads and a lot of humour.


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