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3-4 live music and dj deejay Rick Mayfield gb
Journalist awards: entertainer, comedy, MC (speaker), singer
Multilingual: German, English, French and a little bit Norwegian

Programm 3: live music + deejay(solo)

Programm 4:
live music (duo - gala band) + deejay (solo)

There is no stage, be it an Open Air or a big ballroom, where the born Frankfurter isn’t feeling well and he is one of the few professional entertainers, who provides atmosphere regardless of big or small event.
The Rick Mayfield live music act lives from its charm, the contact to the public and his talent as an all rounder, irrespectively of whether 20.000 or 20 guests want to be entertainment.

With this program set-up you have gathered the most important musical elements: you can combine life music and DJ, show acts and dinner music, dance music with oldies and party music. Besides the show acts you can book the same solo-program for a bigger staffing as a duo, trio or as a gala band.

And you have the options: all musical elements can be booked separately or in combination (no extra charge) with each other. At best you choose a mix of all – Rick Mayfield has the sense for the situation – and puts together the appropriate elements for your evening.

The Rick Mayfield live music program: three artists in one live musician, show artist and deejay (discjockey) – and this for the same price.

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